Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visit with Grandma

A few weeks ago my sister, her kids,grandkids, me, my kids and grandson, my mom and Aunt Elnora went to visit my grandma Jean. My grandma Jean is a special lady. She is my dad's mom, but my dad is no longer with us and we dont get to see my grandma as much as we like because of her health. It took us about 5 1/2 hours to get there and we stayed for about 3 hourse visiting. We did not stay to long because it would have took a toll out on her. It was important to me to have pictures of us with my grandma especially since my dad is no longer with us and I wanted my grandson to have pictures with his great-great grandma so my daughter and I could tell him about her later on in life. It was a great visit we were going to surprise her but my Aunt had called the day before and thought we might not should come because she was not feeling well, but after some thought we decided to go ahead and make the trip and I called her to see if she was up to if for a few hours. I hope we did not wear her out we took some pictures but not to many. when i was growing up my grandma would come and stay with us in the summer and each year I would mark how much she had shrunk, that probably was mean of me but i was a kid and eventually i got taller than her. Again i have a some picture of the complete family less my Dad.

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