Sunday, July 19, 2009

Looney Cloon's retreat

Well we just got back from retreat. As usual a great retreat just a few missing from the group, some had family obligations that came up last minute so we were down in number. Thursday night we celebrated Baby's 90th birthday. Here is a picture of Baby and a quilt she worked on this weekend. i think she may have been the only one to accomplish anything. A few of us were in detox motion and was just trying to enjoy a relaxing weekend without the stress of family or in my case my job. We worked on the hollow cube quilt. It is going to make a great quilt but it is alot of work. the pitures are mine(western of Course, Carol's the hand dyed fabrics, Doris's the browns/tans and Johnnies the brown and rust like color. elizabeth worked on her high five quilt(it really is the John flynn wedding ring quilt) except me and Kathy call it the high five quilt because at the last retreat we choose not to do it and all weekend when a wrong word was used we high fived each other. Our next retreat will not be until Feb next year unless we manage a mini retreat at Gail's. We are going to houston to the quilt show and so far we all got the classes we want so hopefully we will come back with some sort of knowledge and know how. Just depends on how our minds are working. If your group ever takes L retreat you should try Johnnies looney cloon retreat. It is quiet and not to far out of town or from a couple of fabric shops.