Friday, December 25, 2009


what a awesome day even though some of us went without electric and water and some us of are still having problems with the district not having water it was a great day. Because of the weather my entire family was here for xmas dinner. It was nice only one person missing from the group and that was my dad even though it has been almost 8 years it is still hard to have the holidays without him, but he is in such a awesome place. Well Santa came and visited CW today so i guess he has been good. He even visited Thomas and brought him some clothes and a cookbook. Thomas loves to cook so I am planning to get the food items he needs and he can start cooking away. Now he just needs pots and pans so when he gets his own place.
Of course i had to include a picture of CW and my niece Jayci she was all about kissing on CW today. It was really cute.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Time with CW

Ok for Halloween we painted a pumkin so for christmas we decided on making cookies. since CW just turned one we choose the cookies that you just lay out on the baking sheet. The first batch of cookies he wanted to eat but the second pan he figured out that they were suppose to get placed on the ccokie sheet. I have included pictures of the process and the result of the cookies. He did throw a royal fit when i went to put the cookies in the oven but i just let him help and then he was ok.

It was really cute he just stood by the oven waiting for those cookies to come out of the oven. You can also see him enjoying the cookie dough on his hands.