Monday, April 4, 2016

final 1st quarter 2016 Finish along #3

This is another quilt with blocks made from the stash bee hive 2015 #4. My other quilts that I had plan to get done with have to be carried out to another time. I did get further on them with the border being done on my 2wenty three disappearing nine patch so all it needs to binding. The other 2 was a disappearing 4 patch and a illusion quilt that have more blocks put together just need to be put into rows and quilted. Life gave us some very unexpected moments this past month and with that my goal of getting these done was put on the back burner. I have enjoyed participating in the finish along because it did make me work on a couple of quilts that I had set aside.

2nd 2016 Finish Quilt Along

This was my another one of my 2016 finished quilts. it was blocks made last year in the Stash Bee Hive 4 block exchange for 2015. I really loved all the blocks everyone made.
The stashbee sent me blocks for this blue one and also a orange one.

2nd 2016 Quilt Along Finsh

This was my first quilt along finished for 2016. It just needed binding before it was given to my great nephew Gannon.

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Quilt Finish a Long

This is my first year participating so hopefully this will get me accountable for getting projects done. I have 8 projects that I want to finish in this 1st quarter. 5 of the projects are just trimming and binding The other 3 projects are projects that I have been working on for over a year and it is time to get them finished.
1 projects just needs the 2 borders added on it then it can go off to the quilters to be quilted. The final 2 needs more blocks made to get the quilt the size I want. Hopefully I can get these done because I have many more for the next time.
2016 FAL

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March blocks for Stashbee online exchange and Virtual Modern block Exchange

This month I had the opportunity to do Nel's block for the Virtual modern block Exchange. This group is with local ladies who I quilt with. Nel sent us instruction for a cross T block so below is my version of it.
Then for the Stashbee exchange my block was for Amanda who sent us the link for the block below. Amanda wanted the block done in yellows and teals.
I enjoyed doing both these blocks Now to get my block ready for the Virtual Block exchange.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Virtual Modern Block Exchange and Stashbee block exchange

I am currently doing 2 block exchanges. One with my quilting friends that I have quilted with for many years and one that is online with new quilting friends. This month I had to make a quilt block for Kathy In Australia and my good friend Judy who lives here in Oklahoma. below our the new blocks I made. The wonky log cabin was made for Judy and the Yellow and low volume block was made for Kathy. I am enjoying making these blocks. It keeps me motivated to finish and start new projects.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Block exchanges

I am doing a block exchange online thru This month is our first month and our Hive Mama asked us to make the block here. It is paper piecing which is one of those things I can love or hate. Thankfully this did not have to many pieces so it went together pretty easy. I decided to do this since i have not been quilting much since Amanda passed away and thought this might help keep on quilting. I am also in a Virtual Modern Block Exchange with my quilting family. Everyones blocks can be seen on Flickr on the Virtual Modern Block Exchange. I am having alot of fun with it.