Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Passing life by

This past 6 weeks has been a time in my life when i had to decide to like people or not, I wake up each morning and head off to work ( which I like) but the last few weeks it just getting there and waiting till it is time to go home. I know it does not make sense to any of you unless you are in my group of Monday night quilters. That is my vacation from the reality world where i go to unwind for the day. if i could I would go every day just to see a face that has the same interest as me. This then leads me into another part of my life. i have taken life for granted, I think we all do, we get busy in the hustle and bustle of the day and we forget to stop and be thankful for what God has given us. I have been truly blessed in my life. i have had things go wrong or not they way i think they should, but God knows the path i am suppose to take,he know what is in store for me. sometimes i try and change the path. This past week i have discovered how things can and will change overnight. My son wreck his dad's truck. walked away with nothing but a small bruise on his shoulder and my grandma who health issue has been failing over the last couple of years had really taken a turn for the worst. My grandma is my dad's mom she is my link to my dad who died in 2002 so coming to terms with the idea that she may pass away is something i don't want to think about. Here again taking advantage of what God has given me and not stopping to take the pleasure in what he has sacrifice for me and what he has given to me even in my short life. ( Ok guys i am not that old I am in the middle). when i lost my dad in 2002 I was questioning God in one breath and in another I was thankful that god had put him in my life. I have starting working on a quilt of my dad and my memories of his life . The picture i started is below in a earlier blog. I have put it on hold because i start something else or volunteer for something else, so that puts me farther behind on this project. I was reading a statement from a fellow quild member who is a well known artist and i enjoyed reading what she wrote it got me thinking about what i need to priotize in my life.
that it is ok to say no so that you can get you own creative juices going and accomplishing the projects that you need to do. Anyway i have rambled on my blog page and have not made adang bit of sense but in the last few days i have found out that I ramble alot and my friends just go along with me. they may think ( what the hay is she doing or thinking, she does not make no sense) but they just go along with it because that what is what my true friends do. They understand what this past few weeks has been like and i have probably lost my mind but if i end up in the crazy house they will come along just for the ride.

I have included a couple of pictures one of the truck and one of my cute grandson. He has started crawling so he thinks he is big man in the house. My daughter has decided he has learn to say MaeMae, probably not but i will take it anyway.

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